Mae Cook
Hidden Histories: Guelph Storytelling Project

Co-created by Erin MacIndoe Sproule and Elia Morrison

A community filmmaking project that tells stories of people living in two neighbourhoods in Guelph, ON. This video is about Mae Cook, a crossing guard and volunteer in the Grange Hill East Neighbourhood.  This project was created in collaboration with The Guelph Neighbourhood Support Coalition, Ed Video Media Arts Centre and the Guelph Film Festival. You can also check out the Hidden Histories Trailer.

Contributing Artists and Films

Melku by Sandy Clipsham
Forest for the Trees by Nick Craine and Jeremy Shute
Mae Cook, Lily Ford, Shawna Smith and Alex Oldford by Erin MacIndoe Sproule and Elia Morrison
GHOST (Imico) by Dawn Matheson
There’s a Factory on our Street by Jay Wilson aka Pandora’s Sox.


2015 HATCH Pop-Up Art Space
2015 Guelph Film Festival